Traffickers use voodoo to threaten Nigerian victims into prostitution

 German federal police say they have noticed a disturbing new trend in human trafficking. Some Nigerian traffickers are manipulating a belief in a traditional religion related to voodoo to intimidate their victims.

A recent investigation of 600 brothels by the German Federal Criminal Police uncovered at least 170 Nigerian women working illegally as prostitutes. Authorities determined that 50 of them were victims of human trafficking. 

Tackling International Prostitution

Apparently overwhelmed by the sky-rocking prostitution market in Italy involving more than 10,000 Nigerian girls, the Nigerian Embassy in Rome is embarking on new ways of convincing the call girls to give up their illicit trade and take to alternative business. The Embassy regrets that despite the regular enlightenment programs to convince the call girls to give up prostitution they have remained adamant and continued to embrace the illicit trade.  

Nigeria: Prostitutes Declare War Over Condom Usage

Nigeria: Prostitutes Declare War Over Condom Usage 

Human Immune Virus (HIV) which causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was first diagnosed in the United States in 1981. The plague hit Nigeria with two cases in 1985, including that of a thirteen year old girl which was reported to international AIDS conference in 1986. Since then, there has been steady rise of cases all over the world with the developing nations especially in sub Saharan Africa most hit in contracting the deadly disease that has no cure at present. 


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