Luxembourg hustles for Nigerian prostitutes

The face of prostitution is changing.... 60-80% of Luxembourg's ever-growing population of women offering sex on the Grand Duchy's streets are Nigerian. 

As the state looks into the implications of hosting brothels, meanwhile outside the face of prostitution is rapidly changing, according to Joé Wissler, head of the Grand Duchy's vice squad. 

"It is difficult to know how many Nigerian prostitutes there are," he admitted when grilled by "But there's usually a steady number of about 20. And they're still flocking to the city." 

Unlike their Spanish or Italian 'colleagues', the Nigerian women around town rarely go out in groups. Wissler says, in addition, that they "almost never fail to co-operate with police", which could not be said for their Bulgarian counterparts. 

"Here, most women do this work for economic necessity, to survive; not for pleasure. It's an easy way for these illiterate women to earn lot of money. They get between 200 and 400 euros per day and for this they have to defend their portion of sidewalk", he added. 

Prostitutes in Luxembourg are often controlled by a pimp, which rather follows the stereotype, but they're not as scantily clad or emotionally/physically scarred as we imagine. Usually they enter the country perfectly legally from Spain or Italy. 

Faced with this new form of prostitution, the vice squad, Wissler says, is powerless: "There is only one vice squad in Luxembourg, and only four of us in it." 

"The law in Luxembourg is not clear enough. Prostitution is not prohibited. There are zones of tolerance but ultimately sex trafficking is wrong, and unfortunately difficult to prove, "admitted the policeman. 

So would the establishment of legalised brothels in the country solve the problem? Wissler doesn't think so. 

News 352, 2011.01.25