International releases on migration (2011-2020)

2011.02.09 Corruption Continues in Iraqi Kurdistan (Part V)
2011.02.08 PM urged to back trafficking moves
2011.02.08 FBI investigates Church of Scientology over claims of human trafficking, enslavement and violence
2011.02.08 Church of Scientology Probed by FBI Over Human Trafficking Claims
2011.02.08 Britain give human smugglers free rein
2011.02.07 Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan continues (Part IV)
2011.02.07 Child trafficking in Malaysia at alarming levels
2011.02.06 The FBI Is Investigating Scientology for Human Trafficking
2011.02.06 Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan Continues (Part III)
2011.02.05 Liaison to work with local, state and federal law enforcement to combat human trafficking
2011.02.05 Human trafficking horror exposed
2011.02.05 Guardian's attempt to stop woman from marrying genuine suitor a crime
2011.02.05 Child trafficking in London raises alarm
2011.02.05 Barbados concerned about human trafficking
2011.02.04 Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan continues (Part II)
2011.02.04 Binay vows strict drive on human trafficking
2011.02.04 Action Against Human Trafficking May Spark Conflict and Progress in 2011
2011.02.03 Human trafficking cases in Japan at record low in 2010
2011.02.02 Federal task force organizes against human trafficking
2011.02.02 Department of Justice announces launch of human trafficking enhanced enforcement initiative
2011.02.02 African migrants abused in Egypt en route to Israel
2011.02.01 Vietnam; Trafficking victims lured by 'friendly' acquaintances
2011.02.01 Couple jailed for human trafficking
2011.01.31 Why statistics doesn't show it all about human trafficking
2011.01.31 Two victims in human trafficking case agree out of court settlement
2011.01.31 First state center for human trafficking victims opens in Skopje
2011.01.30 Steps to curb child trafficking
2011.01.30 Human trafficking hard to prove, hard to stop
2011.01.29 IOM helps Zim craft anti-trafficking law
2011.01.28 Human Traffickers Indicted involving 600 Thai victims International
2011.01.27 UAE’s efforts lauded
2011.01.27 Nigeria; Five Hundred Victims of Human Trafficking Rescued in Sokoto
2011.01.27 DiManno; Both sides of polygamy debate fear the law
2011.01.27 Delvin, Kohl-Welles introduce bills to crack down on human trafficking and provide services to victims
2011.01.27 Coakley to push lenders to modify loans
2011.01.26 Philippines still on US Tier 2 on human trafficking
2011.01.26 Dhs10 million rehab plan for victims of human trafficking
2011.01.26 Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan Continues (Part I)
2011.01.26 Bill looks to toughen human trafficking laws
2011.01.25 Virginia; last day to sign up for lobby day for anti-human trafficking bill
2011.01.25 IOM Steps Up Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking on Hispaniola
2011.01.24 US Grants $4.75 Million To Fight Human Trafficking In Haiti
2011.01.22 Will Massachusetts Finally Make Human Trafficking a Crime
2011.01.22 Report; Vermont needs human trafficking law
2011.01.22 Making school children aware of human trafficking
2011.01.22 Human Trafficking, US Awards Grants to Combat Human Trafficking in Haiti
2011.01.22 Burma faces first-ever review of human rights record at UN
2011.01.21 Women treated as sex slaves by gang
2011.01.21 State Department Awards Grants to Fight Human Trafficking in Haiti
2011.01.21 Rice calls for eradication of human trafficking
2011.01.21 Human Trafficking of Immigrant Women
2011.01.21 Finland convicts Latvian human traffickers
2011.01.21 Coakley, other officials support human trafficking measure
2011.01.21 Bill targets human traffickers in Mass
2011.01.20 Trafficking in human beings in the northern Sinai is a plague
2011.01.20 Seek authorisation
2011.01.20 Peru, new human trafficking routes
2011.01.20 How Facebook is used for Human Trafficking in Indonesia
2011.01.20 Bangladesh-India agree to sort out all border problems soon
2011.01.19 E.U.'s concerns over flow of immigrants from Turkish-Greek border
2011.01.19 Can DNA Tests Stop Child Trafficking
2011.01.18 Sex trafficking focus of regional conference
2011.01.17 How to Curb Human Trafficking
2011.01.16 Canada's new asylum policy, a victory for Lanka
2011.01.15 Why we're determined to end human trafficking in Europe (Kate Imasuen)
2011.01.15 Law to deal with deception; Shafique
2011.01.14 Victim takes up child trafficking cause
2011.01.14 Human-trafficking law improvements in worksCapitol; Groups want to make it easier to get convictions
2011.01.14 Human-trafficking law improvements in works
2011.01.14 End Slavery Now
2011.01.14 Action Plan on fight against trafficking discussed in Azerbaijan
2011.01.13 Senate body shows concern over rising human trafficking
2011.01.13 Moldova, a Hot Bed for Human Trafficking
2011.01.13 Filipinos in LA march vs human trafficking
2011.01.13 Escort services fuelling human trafficking
2011.01.12 Government and culture, not poverty, more likely cause human trafficking
2011.01.12 Child trafficking in U.S. detailed
2011.01.11 Luxor forum against human trafficking held in Egypt
2011.01.10 Hundreds of Bangladeshis Trapped in Nepal
2011.01.10 Giving human trafficking victims a voice 
2011.01.09 Human trafficking is here - help fight it
2011.01.08 Turkey backs Greek border fence plan to curb human trafficking
2011.01.05 Cambodia and Human Trafficking
2011.01.04 Why the U.K. Doesn't Care About Trafficked Children
2011.01.04 Human trafficking soon to be outlawed
2011.01.04 Ex Minister Blasts Bulgarian Govt for Cigarette Contraband
2011.01.03 Nepali Girls Fight Indentured Servitude with Street Theater
 2011.01.03 A $50 Billion Company - The Perfect Place for Human Trafficking