International releases on prostitution (2011-2020)

2011.03.15 Council can't stop street prostitution
2011.03.14 Criminal Code violates sex workers' rights; B.C. experts
2011.03.14 Call for 'zero tolerance' on prostitution in Cardiff
2011.03.11 Taking a page out of Sweden's book on prostitution
2011.03.11 Prostitution as Social Safety
2011.03.10 Prostitutes targeting resting lorry drivers
2011.03.09 State has no obligation to protect prostitutes
2011.03.07 Feminist lawyer outlines Swedish prostitution success
2011.03.05 The secret world of Melbourne's sex trade
2011.03.05 Behind suburban streetscapes lies a syndicate that trades in sex
2011.03.04 Sex business is booming in Singapore
2011.03.03 World's oldest profession; Take away the keys
2011.03.03 Sex workers march in Africa
2011.03.03 Michael Smerconish; It’s time to abolish ban on prostitution
2011.03.02 Prostitution law scrapped by Senate
2011.03.02 Legal prostitution is safer and better paying
2011.03.02 Bill legalizing prostitution rejected by Romanian Senate
2011.03.01 Showing the red light to prostitution
2011.03.01 Online Only; The overprotected generation
2011.02.28 Legal Briefs
2011.02.27 Fix bigger problems before prostitution
2011.02.26 Once brothels pay their fair share, state will benefit
2011.02.25 Controversial Bills on the Hill
2011.02.24 UN Promotes Prostitution as Harm Reduction
2011.02.24 Sen. Ensign; Leave prostitution alone
2011.02.24 Ensign; In Defense of Prostitution
2011.02.23 Rauh discusses ancient prostitution
2011.02.23 Age-old debate rages
2011.02.22 Transgender woman found dead struggled for acceptance
2011.02.22 Larry Brown, Victor Chaltiel against downtown red light district; Carolyn Goodman open to idea
2011.02.21 Brothel industry fears Harry Reid will seek to end legal prostitution
2011.02.20 Pressure groups lock horns over changes to laws on prostitution
2011.02.20 'Pleasure Bound'; The Victorian era's kinky side
2011.02.18 Tunisia government tries to calm discontent
2011.02.18 Three hurt in Tunis Islamist protest over brothel
2011.02.18 Legalizing prostitution will boost revenue
2011.02.18 Human rights group suing state over ‘discriminating’ prostitution law
2011.02.17 Swiss await ban on “underage” prostitution
2011.02.16 Federal lawsuit challenges sex offender registration for prostitutes
2011.02.16 Even if we start now, we have much to do for sex workers
2011.02.16 ET.Louisiana's 'Crime Against Nature' Sex Law Draws Legal Fire
2011.02.15 Govt must give vocational training to sex workers - SC
2011.02.14 Prostitutes have right to live with dignity
2011.02.14 Poverty, not pleasure, forces women into prostitution; Court
2011.02.14 Poles claim 'prostitution'- for tax purposes
2011.02.13 Old-time Parkersburg madam remembered
2011.02.13 Jordan Muslim clerics want nightclubs closed
2011.02.11 Sex workers beg to differ with census category
2011.02.11 Oakland Museum enters new phase of major construction project
2011.02.11 Dancing girls of Lahore call time
2011.02.10 Melissa Petro Gives Up Her Fight to be a Teacher after Prostitution Revelation
2011.02.10 Dutch Minister scraps plans for 'hustler ID'
2011.02.10 83% of Prostitutes Have FB Pages; Study
2011.02.09 Erotic consultants
2011.02.09 Chinese New Year pumps up prostitution in Singapore
2011.02.09 Bill targets sex trafficking in Georgia
2011.02.08 Technology Changing Prostitution in NYC
2011.02.08 Study; Facebook is growing in popularity among prostitutes
2011.02.08 Prostitution should be legalised; Priya Dutt
2011.02.08 Majority of prostitutes favor Facebook over Craigslist
2011.02.08 Kevin Myers; Rampantte Rabbitte has to learn that moralising prohibitions upon human appetites never work
2011.02.08 Sexual exploitation of migrant women
2011.02.07 Why We Should Legalize Prostitution Now
2011.02.07 Study; Facebook replacing Craigslist for prostitutes
2011.02.07 No fine, no jail for 1st-time prostitute customers
2011.02.06 Sex trafficking in the UK; one woman's horrific story of kidnap, rape, beatings and prostitution
2011.02.06 Call to follow Sweden's vice laws
2011.02.06 Artists have always glamorised prostitution
2011.02.05 Home visits shame for Burnley kerb crawlers
2011.02.04 Voodoo Prostitution Ring Busted in Spain
2011.02.04 Prostitutes protest as trade hit by 80
2011.02.04 It’s a big NO!
2011.02.04 Flak over prostitution vote
2011.02.04 Canada's pitiful track record in combating human trafficking
2011.02.02 BlackBerrys, Facebook Have Changed the Face of Prostitution, Sociologist Finds
2011.02.02 This criticism of George Bernard Shaw is unfair
2011.02.02 Group calls for reform of prostitution laws
2011.02.02 EFB aganist legalisation of homosexuality and prostitution
2011.02.02 Call for reform of prostitution laws
2011.02.01 When Is a Prostitute Not a Prostitute
2011.02.01 Senate panel approves HIV prostitution bill
2011.02.01 If you can’t control rape, legalise prostitution
2011.02.01 Difficulty in Distributing Free Condoms
2011.02.01 Banning Prostitution Not the Way to Reduce AIDS in Indonesia
2011.02.01 Alicante begging and prostitution laws Costa Blanca North
2011.01.31 Nigeria; '100 Nigerian Girls Trafficked Out Daily for Prostitution'
2011.01.31 Letter; Prostitution plans questioned
2011.01.31 Hiding in the shadows
2011.01.31 Dutse Alhaji - Where Police and Sex Workers 'Co-operate'
2011.01.30 Does our society not care about prostitutes
2011.01.30 Legislatures call for tougher trafficking laws
2011.01.31 Why statistics doesn't show it all about human trafficking
2011.01.29 IOM helps Zim craft anti-trafficking law
2011.01.28 New Center for Prostitutes
2011.01.28 Armenian Prostitutes Confused By Street Trade Ban
2011.01.27 Today in D.C. History; D.C.’s Top Cop Supported Legal Prostitution
2011.01.27 The Super Bowl Prostitute Myth; 100,000 Hookers Won't Be Showing Up in Dallas
2011.01.27 Prostitution 'not confined to city'
2011.01.27 Prostitution law reforms pass first vote
2011.01.27 Sweden unveils tougher penalties for buying sex
2011.01.27 Minister rebuffs call to combat child prostitution
2011.01.27 I-Team; Millions of tax dollars spent yearly to incarcerate prostitutes
2011.01.27 Fighting prostitution
2011.01.27 Council backs bill to outlaw street prostitution
2011.01.26 Dorset kerb-crawling crackdown 'endangers prostitutes'
2011.01.25 Prostitution curbed by police use of ‘street powers’
2011.01.25 Prostitutes and porn still available online
2011.01.25 Luxembourg hustles for Nigerian prostitutes
2011.01.25 Kaneshiro Wants Stiffer Prostitution Penalties
2011.01.24 Prostitution should be legalised; Priya Dutt
2011.01.24 Chinese women trafficking rising
2011.01.21 Devadasis are a cursed community
2011.01.18 Galvanizing a community to combat underage prostitution
2011.01.18 Father and son convicted of trafficking women into UK prostitution
2011.01.15 Legalizing Prostitution in the U.S.
2011.01.14 Leeds' hidden sex trade; Prostitution's legalisation - the debate for and against
2011.01.13 Spain debates prostitution ad ban – turning sex workers against new law
2011.01.12 Dutch government enforcing taxes on prostitution
2011.01.10 Oil city overwhelmed by prostitution
2011.01.03 A Bronx Elementary School, Surrounded by Prostitutes
2011.01.02 Prostitutes remain at risk from a muddle over the sex trade
2011.01.00 New report vindicates 'Swedish model'